Funny Pictures (MINE)

These are pictures directly from Club Penguin with some edits, I made these myself so please do not COPY! PLEASE Check back regularly for updates!

NOTE: “O 0 0 O 0 O” is the penguin I use to take pictures with.

lol-moment-pepe.jpgI really need to go, or it’ll be dirty around here!!!!! :mrgreen:

peeking-funny-picture.jpgHehe.. no peeking  :mrgreen:

cart-surfer-rammed.jpgOwchie! Better watch out next time… 😐

poopy-funny-picture.jpgI had to go poopoo reeeaallly bad, as you can see.. :mrgreen:

ahhh-snowball-poop.jpgWhite POOP??! I need to check up with the doctor… 😥

squeezing.jpgSQUEEZE HARDER until my Ducky DIES!!!  😉

shake-butt-at-me.jpgHey! That wasn’t nice, and you farted.. 😕




yarr-run-away.jpgI didn’t say DUMB, I’m sorry… 😦

beer-drinker.jpgThis is why I love Rockhopper!!

cross-the-plank.jpgDo I have to cross the plank…? 😐

heavy.jpgIt was really HEAVY!

great-fire.jpgBehold the FIRE!!

ooo-a-coin.jpgOooo A COIN!

mr-ionely.jpgNo wonder he is so LONELY. NO EDIT

weirdo.jpgIt was only a dream… only a dream!  🙂



puffle-comic-part1.jpgGoing to the Pet Shop to buy food…

puffle-comic-part-2.jpgGoing to buy some Puffle food..

puffle-comic-part3.jpgWheres the Puffle?!?!

I searched the whole city except one place….

…. when arriving at the Pet Shop, I searched and searched..

puffle-comic-part4.jpgThat dumb Puffle, fat pork!


More soon.. :mrgreen:


22 Responses

  1. dude i saw concon54!!!!in cp!!! the one who said uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma uma….

  2. why u call puffle a dumb puffle????????????????????hes not dumb.

  3. lol 😀 nice

  4. and wut account is that on? 😯

  5. i dont know howto spell it, like o 0 0 o 0 o

  6. i no how to do all those 🙂

  7. idgi (idgi meens i dont get it)

  8. funny pix!

  9. oh can i have ure rs acc

  10. i like your web site!!!!!!!!!!so funny!!!!!!!!!by the way meet me and ill tell you some good cheats!!

  11. hey dude funny pics! go check out mine just click my name dude!

  12. lol funny pics!can you add my site to your blogroll?my site is

  13. Nice funny pics man

  14. dude i didnt see in cp for a longgggggggggggggggg time

  15. wuts ur sis acount?

  16. dude this is before cp got into disney sinse then we cant put the numbers or periods 😥

  17. These Pictures Are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny

    I almost peeed myself

  18. lol these are good

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