I’ve heard that Walt Disney bought cp? or part of it…;


click the headphones for red guitar


click the snowflake for red viking helmet; click 4 times for blue viking helmet


click “CLEARANCE” for the swim goggles


New Items

Elf Hat (150 Coins)
Elf suit (350, Coins)
Elf shoes (170, Coins)
Victorian Jacket (650 Coins)
Victorian Dress (600 Coins)
Bonnet (300 Coins)
Stocking Cap (200 Coins)
Long Johns (350 Coins)
Purple Suede jacket (700 Coins)

The Holly Pin is in the coffee shop

More News Later On,


P.S. Today is December 8th and they have added new emotes



12 Responses

  1. Oh yeah thats right, didn’t you temporarily quit right before disney bought C.p.! They bought it on August 2nd, so its kinda old news now

  2. ya but the logo is new

  3. Yeah that just changed

  4. why u make

  5. i hit 200 on ur other site!!! 😆

  6. i made a draft about the zammy club, see it 😀

  7. how come u not answer??????

  8. Oh so zammy is Lhforum??

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